A little over a month ago, I bought tickets to my favorite Broadway show, Phantom of the Opera. This show is so much my favorite, that my fantasy date is to be taken out to dinner, then to she Phantom, then to be taken home.  Men, if you want a great date that will get you more than brownie points, take your date to see Phantom. Especially if she asks.

The tickets were bought for me, my father and my boyfriend at the time.  My, how things change with in a month.

The relationship crashed and burned, and My Dad is not well enough for activities anymore.

So, I called my good girlfriends and they came without hesitation.  How fun it was too get dressed up, and go to the show.  It was even better than I remember and even more sensual.  The new stage design was great and based on actual rooms in the Paris Opera House.

Good friends never go out of style.

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