The New Hope

​This year, 2016, has been tough. And it seems it was a hard year for many people. It seemed as if life imitated art as I read how many of my friends lost friends and loved ones. It seems that this year has tested our patience, our heart, our sanity and ourselves. 

But this year also had some really great moments. In my life, it started with celebrating New Years Eve in the great city of New Orleans with my man. Then there was prepping for the sibling reunion, all the hard work, and the new connections it would bring. What a wonderful weekend. 

Four weeks later, we would loose my beautiful mother. Words cannot describe. The amount of love and support from my family, my friends and my boyfriends amazing family has been truly a miracle that brightened dark days.  

Dad moved in and again life forever changed.  We moved forward with his liver cancer treatments. Two moves plus moving Dad in and putting their place up for sale. Fumbling though being a caregiver, Dad having a serious fall then recovering in rehab over Christmas were a few challenges. 

Then the start of a new job with a fantastic company. A girls trip with my three soul mate sisters, a cruise with a close friend and her daughter, and so much more happened this year, that it would take another year to write. Finding my inner strength was essential, my own voice in a sea of extranious noise. 

My hope for 2017 is to transform the struggles of 2016 into a life so spectacular that it lights up the whole world. To turn all that pain into power, to harness the strength of survival and channel it into love so pure, that it fills the cracks deep within and heals the broken parts of myself.