After moving to a new home, nothing feels quite as good as having most of the house finally unpacked. After most items are unpacked, the home starts to take shape, starts to feel good and warm and comfy.  You have your favorite soft, warm blanket close by, you have your favorite coffee cup, see your favorite picture hanging on the wall.  It feels good, definitely a lot better than wading through a floor full of boxes.

And this is where we are after a great weekend, that oddly never feels quite long enough.  Finally, most of the boxes are empty.  Those that are left are simply books or office supplies to be placed on their respective shelves.  But home looks like home in this place we are building together.

IT is a place to go after work, a place to have hot dinner and warm discussions by the fire.  IT is a place to watch a movie or TV show, or hear music, or share a story.

And most of all, it is a place to love and build the future, inside these walls.

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