Reunions and house Sitting

There are two things that just feel so good in life. First is spending time with family. This weekend is a great family reunion, the first of its kind really, because of the family that will be there. Some I have not seen in many years. There is always much love at family reunions. And, as we all sit together at the same table, love will continue to flow.

The second is knowing that you home ia safe. One of my best friends will be staying at my house while I am at the reunion. She just needed a weekend to get away, nothing to do and no where to go. So when she asked if she could come up and rest, relax, read and enjoy, the answer of course was yes. House sitting can be a great mini-vacation.

Once in high school, my friend who is house sitting for me now, invited me to house sit with her. It was a beautiful house, with a hot tub, animals and a full fridge. However, by the end of the week, the hot tub had over run with bubbles from not rinsing our bathing suites, the dogs and cats had fought all week long, the cows got out of their pin and eaten the lady’s prize winning tulip garden, the fridge had broken and quite a few other disasters…it was an adventure to say the least!

But hopefully her stay at my houae, watching over my kitties, will be much more relaxing.