It seems that January has not been a good month for classic artists.  Already we have already lost Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Glen Frey. Then Celine Dion lost her husband and brother.  And it is barely the third week of the year.

It is hard to believe that some of these amazing talents are no longer with us; that they are now the dust of the stars, and if we are lucky, we might see a glance when we look up on a clear night. The news of Bowie and Rickman actually hit me pretty hard, and I am not one to get upset at the passing of celebrities whom I have never met.  Jim Henson affected me, as did Robin Williams…

And I think that one of the reasons is that all of them had this amazing ability to wow us, to make us think, to make us laugh, and sometimes to make us cry.  They were all bursts of light and creativity. They entertained us in ways we could have never even imagined.

In a world of Kardasians, and where people get famous by twerking, leaking a sex tape, or by simply wearing a “man-bun”, Cole, Rickman, Frey and Bowie are people who were so brilliantly talented, that they dazzled us. It is sad to think that these talents are gone, not only because I grew up listening to or watching them, but also because they truly seemed to have been good people. And the world just seems a little more dull.

It makes me wonder, will this new generation on millennials ever reach that level of creativity and talent?  In a time when it seems dumber is better as long as it looks good, what kind of true talent is out there now that we are losing these great musicians and actors?  How many of the new Hollywood can actually pull off Shakespeare? How many can truly make us feel something as we are watching the screen?

And as for music, how many young artist can truly pull off morphing themselves into so many characters…just for the hell and thrill of it?  And the parting gift Bowie left his fans, a hauntingly beautiful album, again showing his brilliance,talent and amazing vision.

And so it is, as I get older, that I appreciate so much more those who came before me, those whom I have watched and listen to, those who have entertained and dazzled, just by the shear brilliance of their talent. I simultaneously hope and look forward to seeing what the next generation of young whippersnappers comes up with…because they have some mighty shoes to fill.



The Birthday

It’s a very special day, the day you were born.  And it should be celebrated.  No matter how old or young you are, a birthday should be a celebration. It is the eve of my birthday and I am excited to finally begin.  Oh the year has been great so far, but it seems there have been tissues and cold medicine and coughing all night…that has gotten in the way of my month long observation of the birthday.

And I think back to where I was just a year ago, and how much better life is today.  I think back and shake my head at what a silly girl I was, just  year ago. Two years ago, and I have lost track of the person I used to be.  She is like a distant friend I used to know.

And that is how it is with life, love and the pursuit of happiness isn’t it?  Ever changing, ever evolving, and always interesting. And would we want it any other way?  Think of how boring life would be if we really could see into that crystal ball anytime we wanted.  Sure. it is tempting – that is why psychics are so popular.  But to always know what is around the corner?  No thank you.

Being older and wiser, I still have the same theory on life – always be curious. About everything. Ask questions, take changes, take risks, and always, believe in yourself. And love with all your heart. This theory has served me well in my years on this planet.  We may still make mistakes, have unpleasant happenings, but even those are chances to learn, grow and be better the next time around.

Today is not a dress rehearsal. And tomorrow isn’t promised. So drink it up, every last moment in life. And that, to me, is what this birthday and this year means.  I want to spend time with my loved ones, enjoy their laughter and stories.  Looking in the headlines of the three celebrities who have passed just this week from cancer, makes me acutely aware of how blessed my family has been. Now excuse me while I blow out some candles.



The Resting

Disclaimer: Am under the influence of cold medicine…please excuse typos.

The holidays is a time of year where things can get so busy that we get run down and forget to take care of ourselves. Indeed, with gathering, work obligations, friend and families…it get get downright overwhelming.  And then…

And then quick as a flash, quick as it got here, the Holiday season of running at full speed and then some is over.  A countdown to resting as the countdown to the new year was done. And it has been wonderful, with lots of family, friends, get together s, music, trips and travel, incredible food and love.

Yes, this New Years was the best I have ever had, and there is indeed much for which to be happy.  I am exhausted, sick with a cold, the house is a mess, washing machine needs fixing, and laundry needs to be done….and it was all worth it. Every second. It was amazing. Many smiles, laughs and memories were made. Life was truly lived in these moments.

But now it’s time to go back to normal life, before the holidays.  GO back to work, go back to regular days, and going to the gym. But mostly for me, right now in this moment, it is time to slow down and rest a bit.  And when you won’t, life has a way of making sure you do. When I get run down, from too much of everything, I get sick.  It always happens when I do too much at once.  And this year is no different.  I am down for the count with this awful cold. So rest, and relaxation are in order, along with chicken soup, cozy blankets, snuggling with the kitties and binge watching a few TV shows.

Sometimes you just have to take advantage of the Resting.