Tis New Year

This year, I guess it would be easy to run down all that happened, all that was let go, all the lessons, all the thoughts.  ALll the heartaches, all the everything that was this past 12 months.  And I think back to where I was 12 short  months ago…and I am amazed at how many things have changed, at how much more full my life is, how many more, of more that there is.

The previous year 2014, was rough. It was so very hard that I could barely really think of what another year might bring.  I just knew that whatever it was I could and would get through it.  After such a tumultuous year, whatever came next might not be pretty, but it was survivable.  And then something unexpected happened – it was more than just survivable, it was actually good.  Oh yes, there were some rough spots, but when I look back at how far everything has come, how far I have come, it is quite amazing.

SO much has been learned and discovered this year. And so much has been let go, or lost, that my shoulders are much lighter than they were.  The fact is, is that it takes a minute to get your balance after you get back on your feet. It takes a little while to learn to walk again, straight up, and maybe even run.  It takes a minute to believe in yourself again, to believe in the good. I mean really believe, not just tell yourself that you believe. It takes a while for joy to creep back into every part of your heart, and it takes a minute for all those cracks and empty spaces to be filled.  It takes some times to find your place get your groove back, get into the rythm and stop fighting the flow.

And that is what this past year has been.  Finally I am out of the woods, into the light and have come around the corner.  And for the first time in a long time, I truly look forward to the next.  It is a calm excitement. There is being settled and happy with where I am.  Yes, much needs work, but that is alright.

While 2015 has not been bad, I am looking forward to what 2016 may bring.  And i know, that whatever happens, it will be quite an adventure.  That’s the things about life…it always is.