The Right Time

I am always where I am supposed to be, when I am supposed to be there.

This is the time of year that I start thinking about all the resolutions that I have.  All the things that I want to do, accomplish and be.  To me, it is important to always be working to improve and learn more about the world and everything in it.  To experience life in all its wonder.

And, even though we are just past Thanksgiving, I am excited about all the New Year has to bring.  This time, it’s different though.  For the last several years, I have been hurried to get the year over to start the next.  Not this time.  I am set on absorbing as much of what is left in this year as possible.  I am in no hurry to move to the next, though I am looking forward to all the possibilities that are ahead.

And then I thought about all the thing that have been left unfinished over the years. And how my list of resolutions are more of a completion of that which has been left or put down or what I want to get back to, more than anything.  And this feels good.

But I know that this is the time to complete those tasks, and the time that has passed is of no consequence.  Because I refuse to believe that God is only there for me in a small, specific timeframe.  I think he is there all the time.  And I think that I have all the time in the world, certainly all the time that I need.

Sometimes we can feel guilty about what we have left undone or have failed to accomplish.  But I think that is self-defeating.  Sometime we need to put projects down, until we are in the proper emotional place within our self to accomplish them from a good, positive place.  When I was unhappy and struggling to keep my head above water, there was a desperation around me that could be felt from miles away.  Nothing can be accomplished from that perspective.

Now, I am happy. And I know that whatever it is – whether writing the book, or getting back into acting, or getting into shape and getting headshots done –  I know that God is there ready to and waiting.  Because I am right where I need to be, right when I need to be there.

Since waiting, I am coming back around to these projects from such a different perspective and place deep within, that the outcome will be that much better.  It will be completely different, because I am completely different. And I am starting from a better place.

I trust and have faith in that those projects will be just as blessed as they would have been years ago when I had to put them down. Maybe even more so. Him. So don’t worry about that unfinished list.  It will all get done eventually.  And 2016, will be the year of love and life coming full circle.

Every Piece of You

Let your heart break
Let it all go
Just let the tears roll
down your cheeks
Wash it all away

You’re safe in my arms
No harm, no danger
Just peace and calm
So let the salt water
shine your soul like new

If you need the strength
I’ll give mine to you
I’m not going anywhere
Just shatter and I’ll catch

every peice of you

No not leaving baby
These arms are staying
So fall apart if you must
Even steel bends sometimes
So you be weak and I’ll be your strong

Fall apart all over my chest
In this embrace you are home
No need to hide whats inside
So fall apart now darlin
And I’ll hold you till morning

Feeling all the pain but
When you can’t take another step
I’ll guide you home
Light the way of the path
So fall apart like glass

If you need the strength
I’ll give mine to you
I’m not going anywhere
Just shatter and I’ll catch

every piece of you