CupGate: Thy Cup Runneth Over

I love coffee, it is truly a gift from God.  And that helps me wake up and function without hurting anyone in the mornings.  Enjoying a cup of coffee can be done on a quiet cool morning on a patio, or with friends at a busy coffee shop (say, like Starbucks for example).  It is a pick me up in the afternoon when we hit that wall, college students live on it during finals and we, from all over, and of all vocations sing it’s praises.

And it’s the holidays, a traditionally festive time when we are kind to others, observe and give thanks or celebrate the Christmas spirit.  And then….

And then there was “CupGate”

As it turns out, nothing can upset the calm waters of a magnanimous holiday season as much as a cup of coffee. Literally. Or a store deciding to change their cup.  You would think they cancelled Christmas, or at least the pumpkin spice lattes. All of the sudden removing secular and pagan symbols for a religious and commercialized holiday from a disposable cup is an attack on Christianity.

Have we lost our minds?

And at what point does it end?  QT has BROWN cups during the holidays, they don’t even bother to change their cups for the season.  Oh, they must hate Christmas and Christians…and all religions as well now that you mention it. And what about Jews?  Does anyone even have a Chanukah Hanukkah cup? Are all companies who have never displayed a minora anti-Semitic?  What about Kwanzaa? Are all coffee shops racist now?  Satanism?  They have a Christmas celebration too…And we cannot forget Festivas, though I admittedly have no clue as to what a symbols are associated – and no, I am not anti-Seinfeld.

Is it possible that a red cup is just a red cup?  Personally, I would love a cup that says Merry Christmas on it. But there are so many other things to concentrate on in this world other than what is on my disposable coffee cup. Maybe we should just concentrate on being the best human beings we can be instead. Yes, I am a strong Christian.

Imagine if we did something as simple as practiced tolerance and vowed not to take everything personally so we didn’t get offended All. The. Time.  And if that coffee cup really offends you, why not give it to a homeless person.  I bet they won’t care about the color of the cup and will just be thankful that someone cared enough to think of them on a cold day.


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