The Happy Coupledom

I’ve entered into a land which I have not been in a long time. The happy coupledom. Don’t get me wrong have dated, even fallen madly in love, but this…this feeling is new.

We were binge watching The Blacklist on Netflix, the best TV on TV. When we realized we were hungry. He created some egg dish in the microwave while I created a fusion of Chinese and Mexican by combining broccoli beef, Mexican cheese and sour cream in a burrito.

And as we ate our almost-middle-of-the-night, lets-raid-the-kitchen-hurried-dinner, I sat on the kitchen counter and he stood next to me. Both of us smacking and chewing, talking and laughing with our mouths full, not in the least bit self conscience.

We ate and enjoyed every last bit….and when we were done, I rinsed the dishes as he stepped outside to smoke. And I did the happy dance, right there in the middle of my messy kitchen. And my heart was full. Welcome to happy coupledom.

One thought on “The Happy Coupledom

  1. Congratulations on your happy coupledom. But the lawyer in me has to warn your honey not to cook eggs in the microwave because they can explode. We once had a client who went to eat at IHOP, and for whatever reason, her eggs got put in the microwave (not IHOP procedure) and when the plate was set on the table before her, the eggs exploded, hit her in the eye and she lost sight in that eye! Needless to say…eggs + microwave = a “no-no”.


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