The Living in the Life

Sometimes we get so caught up, i,get so caught up, in life that there is hardly time to,write.  Oh, there are lite,snippets of thoughts and writings everywhere, as usual, but there has hardly been time to,record them in written form, but a few scribbles on napkins, or sparse notes on my phone.


But oh, isnt  life delicious? In this, the hottest part of summer? It is, finally, like the umbrella in that wonderful umbrella drink. Cold, sweet and refreshing. And as I soak it all in, all this sweet goodness I have been blessed to have in my life. I smile big and broad.

It is true that life and experience transform us.  It can’t be any other way. And I have worked hard to make sure it it is only the good.

And there is a swing of freedom, as I shed the weight of this old skin, from years gone past.  I walk Shi y and new now. Dues paid, now life is to be lived and enjoyed.

So the best was saclved for last. This life for which I have worked so hard.  All the prayers answered, desires coming to fruition. And life is good.


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