Bargain Bin heartache

Bargain bin heartache
They go for a dime a dozen
So many on the street
From everyone all the way to your cousin

Hurry, hurry Get it all right here,
Hurry up now,
get it now while it’s hot
Empty your pockets boy
Let me see what all you’ve got

Ain’t she a beauty?
Up there on the stage
And if you hurry up and buy now boy
You can even keep the cage.

Don’t pay those tears no mind
They’ll dry up in time
Just say a few kind words, ya hear?
Her self esteem is on decline.

It’s just a bargain bin heartache, boy
As common as the cold
But just shine her up a bit
And no one will ever know.

Say the right words to her
And she’ll let you inside
Don’t matter if you mean them
Now, you’re taking too long to decide

She’s at a good price
For her age, condition and ware
But to get her out of those clothes boy
You’ve  got to pretend like you care.

So get her heartache in the bargain bin
You could find a treasure or two
But you really want to know a secret boy?
If you really love her, she’ll be good as new.

That’s the one and only polish boy
That don’t loose it’s shine
So take this treasure home, love her
And you’ll truly have a priceless find.

Ada Burch

Running on fumes

I’m running in fumes baby
I got nothing left,
Exhausted and weary
Nothing to be kept whole

I got part of me only
A rip trodden heart
I am here in transition, stuck in first gear
I feel like things are in regression

Runnin on fumes, an empty tank
Ain’t nothing but Gods Grace an prayers
To get me through this journey
Feeling worn out,

Just one more step, I said 100 steps ago
Got at least another thousand on just this road to go
So please hold my hand, I might stumble and fall
Please understand if I don’t always come when you call

But dont give up on me, I beg you please
Once the soul is rested, I’ll again be one and whole
So just hang one with me
Because I am running on fumes baby..

Ada Burch

Second hand heart

Take care of this second hand heart
It’s been given as a gift
Then given back
Over and again

It was given in earnest
Each and every time
Precious and carefully wrapped
Painstakingly thought though

But ones mans gift is another mans trash
And not everyone finds beauty in art
Or art in a sunset
Or love in returning eyes.

So be gentle with this second hand heart.
Tattered and torn,
But strong for the wear
And close the door softly shapd you leave.

.Ada Burch

No regrets

.I have no regrets, looking back on the landscape if this year, on this life. I have no regrets on what I have done and what has been left undone.

There are no words that haunt me, spoken or kept still. No actions that trouble my soul, no undone thrill.

There are no tears that have been dried or kept at bay, or escaping down my cheek from rims of wide weary eyes, that partake in regret.

No longing set free, no feelings left unturned. There is nothing to look back upon, and wish another way from me.

And as I look back at the rim of this year, this long, hard, undone, overdone year, that makes me want a other walk down the path to choose another road.

I am as for all of it, every bit. The complete all of it. I don’t regret a thing am am glad for it all, the good bad and the big and small.

The Ash of the Wednesday

It is Ash Wednesday today and the start of the Lenten season.And this season is going to be packed full of challenges, I can tell already.

Lent is a time to quietly reflect on life and where you want to go, from where you are coming and what you want to be.  It is a time of reflection and discipline.  This year I am giving up soft drinks, which is actually harder to give up than chocolate. I’ve never given up coffee, for the safety of all those around me.

What do you do when it’s Lent and you are over your head in everything about life?  I don’t know for sure.  Lent is a time to simplify, but what happens when life is complicated in the 40 days before Easter? Maybe that is when we need our faith and discipline the most.

While talking to a wise man about the struggles of work, he said something that really struck me: In life, you have to be disciplined enough to not let you emotions rule what you do. You stay focused, show up and do the work you need to do.

Oh, but that can be so hard. Because we are human, because we are busy, because we do have bad days, and stress and emotions. Because we have hearts and souls that are imbalanced and beautifully, wonderfully imperfect.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t try, every day, to be better, do better feel better.

This year I am working on so many things, to read more about Grace, daily, to exercise, keep the house clean, writer more (have about 5 blogs I have been meaning to write), work harder, take time for me, relax, water the plants before they shrivel into brown sticks with no leaves…

And maybe one day I will get there.  Until then, I am imperfect in my flaws of over being overwhelmed by everything on the to-do list. Amazed at the little miracles I see every day, constantly curious about how it is all going to work out, and humbly hopeful about the outcomes.

I strive for Grace on a daily basis and failed miserably today.  An aggravating day exasperated by lack of sleep due to no heat last night, I huffed and puffed, cursed under my breath, yelled out some curse words even, jumped in frustration, and cried in exhaustion.

And yet here we are in Lent.  So here we go, committing to do the best we can, tomorrow.