The Spa Between

Often times we need to step away, take pause, take time to enjoy and slow down. This past weekend was a slow down Dow me, time to take space, thoughts, plan and breathe. So much to do in the life Iive, that getting away for the weekend was a wonderful gift.

After getting lost on the way there, (because getting lost is just what I do), sleep the the wonderful, huge luxurious bed came easy.

and in the wonderful morning, it was time to enjoy a delicious breakfast followed by a day of pampering and relaxation. But it was toe about more than that, it about reclaiming peace that had been lost in the flurry of life. As the fingertips of the therapist massaged my body, my mind started making lists of things to be done upon my return. And I had to listen very closely to the voice that said let go and just breath.

Aand I’m the space between breaths, in the time between prayers and words spoken secretly, silently, only to God, was the Origen of Peace.

And so went the weekend…a thousand little perfect moments, suspended perfections, I found my breath. And I sat, listening to the birds, Nd the crickets and the frogs Nd the water. Laughed, cried, was held, and ate and drank.

And it is these moments that we should hang onto in times of trouble. After all, if we are struggling to find moments to feel joy, the. Start out small.

I do have to remind myself of this even now as I examine so many bongs out my life, what to do and which direction to go.

As I figure and research, discuss and strategies. Big decision to make and I cant help but wonder, is a the work worth it In The end? Or should I walk away for  a simpler life in the mountains?

I cannot answer, I do not know. But what I do knowis that time away, a spa away, gives us the space between to figure it out. Just take the time to slow down and breath. It will come to you,