A Step Away

Sometimes it is good to just take a few steps away. And many times it really doesn’t matter where, it could be a walk in a park, a trip to get away, or sometimes just a car ride and a bit of exploring. That is what is was for me today. I have been here about 4  months, and between work and family, I have not had the opportunity to just step away for a bit. Sometimes we just need to get out of the house and away for a break. I have been writing, job hunting, cleaning, getting the HVAC, roof and pool taken care of and the four walls were about to close in on me. SO when the invitation came up to get out of the house, drive around and explore the area a but came up, I jumped on it.

Amazing how much a little break can have an affect on you. It was a simple ride, just down the main road with all the “stuff.” We drove into every little strip mall, all the stores, all the restaurants to check them out and see what was in the neighborhood. Great places, mom and pop shops and then there was the antique place.

I love this little antique place, except it’s not so little. Full of strange things from old times and far off places, eclectic findings, new smells and fabulous fabrics. I found a ton of things that I wanted to buy, so many ideas for decorating the house. Nice, fun, super feminine pictures to hang in the very masculine master bath. A panel to slide over and be the door for the bedroom downstairs, some pillows for the couch, great chairs for the master screened in porch, some great towels and some paintings.

And as I was walking through the wonderful mix of strange items, I realized that there is life outside of the house, outside of the family, outside of the HVAC, outside of the leaky roof, outside of the jog hunt.

And there was a spring in  my step as walked out.

Sometimes we just need to step away to remember there is life outside of our immediate struggles. So take time to step away.


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