Time and a House

It seems I have had a bit of writers block recently. Though when I look around there should be plenty to write about – the new house, relationship happenings, looking for a job, visits from my parents, Mom and Dad’s health, visiting an older sister. It’s not that there is nothing about which to write, just rather things have been so crazy and so busy, it is hard to get it out of my head and onto paper…or screen.

Yes life has been a bit of a DIY-Dramedy-AcMysterfan-Raventure (trying to do things myself, drama, comedy, mystery action and adventure). Yes, the past few months have had it all.  But mostly, it’s had the house.

Yes,, I am not sure if other first time home buyers wonder what they have gotten themselves into, but that is definitely the case here. There is the HVAC, the leaky roof, the closet shelves, the green pool, the bad toilet handle, the leaning dishwasher, the step, the ice maker attach-thingy (yes, that is the actual scientific name), the skylights…and I think that’s it. And there is me. And the boyfriend and my parents.

And everyone says that is just what it is like when you own your won home. I swear it should come with instructions. A warning label. Because even when you read all the books, articles, blogs and such…you are never really prepared for all that is owning your won first home. And all that is required.

My life is a series of sitcom moments as I try to get the dishwasher to stop leaning or re-attach the toilet handle that keeps falling off. Or the part of the roof that is leaking. Again.

And then I smile. Because all these little (or big) house issues are, at the very least, mine. Because it comes with owning your own home. And no matter what, I have a home. That is safe. That is secure. That is loving, and beautiful, and strange, and eclectic, and mine. A place to build memories and laughs, and moments, and tears, and smiles, and days and nights. A place to build a life.

And in the end, our lives are always a little “under construction” because we are never truly done. We should always be learning, living, doing, seeking, finding and experiencing. That is how we grow.

And at the end of this, I should have learned a great deal about home  improvements, with many clumsy sitcom moments and stories to tell. And I’ll have many repairmen on speed dial.



2 thoughts on “Time and a House

  1. I owned a home once upon a time, and I miss it. I miss putting a nail where ever I want to, I miss tinkering and having that sense of accomplishment when I fixed it myself, and I miss those times like when I opened up the space between the kitchen and living-room, where I had the privilege of putting thought and heart into the craft of my work.
    I remember some things took a lot longer than I had thought, so have patience. Keep a journal of what you want to create… color, texture. Then buy materials such as tile when there’s a sale, store it until you have gathered most or all of the materials for “the project”, then all you have to come up with is labor costs. That’s how I dealt with my budget. Lots of flea-markets and antique shops.
    I send blessing for this creative adventure you’re on.


  2. Hey Ada, I am so behind on your life. What happened to the great job? I can help you with the leaky roof with a friend discount. I can re-roof your house very inexpensively especially if you line up some help.


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