A Step Away

Sometimes it is good to just take a few steps away. And many times it really doesn’t matter where, it could be a walk in a park, a trip to get away, or sometimes just a car ride and a bit of exploring. That is what is was for me today. I have been here about 4  months, and between work and family, I have not had the opportunity to just step away for a bit. Sometimes we just need to get out of the house and away for a break. I have been writing, job hunting, cleaning, getting the HVAC, roof and pool taken care of and the four walls were about to close in on me. SO when the invitation came up to get out of the house, drive around and explore the area a but came up, I jumped on it.

Amazing how much a little break can have an affect on you. It was a simple ride, just down the main road with all the “stuff.” We drove into every little strip mall, all the stores, all the restaurants to check them out and see what was in the neighborhood. Great places, mom and pop shops and then there was the antique place.

I love this little antique place, except it’s not so little. Full of strange things from old times and far off places, eclectic findings, new smells and fabulous fabrics. I found a ton of things that I wanted to buy, so many ideas for decorating the house. Nice, fun, super feminine pictures to hang in the very masculine master bath. A panel to slide over and be the door for the bedroom downstairs, some pillows for the couch, great chairs for the master screened in porch, some great towels and some paintings.

And as I was walking through the wonderful mix of strange items, I realized that there is life outside of the house, outside of the family, outside of the HVAC, outside of the leaky roof, outside of the jog hunt.

And there was a spring in  my step as walked out.

Sometimes we just need to step away to remember there is life outside of our immediate struggles. So take time to step away.


Time and a House

It seems I have had a bit of writers block recently. Though when I look around there should be plenty to write about – the new house, relationship happenings, looking for a job, visits from my parents, Mom and Dad’s health, visiting an older sister. It’s not that there is nothing about which to write, just rather things have been so crazy and so busy, it is hard to get it out of my head and onto paper…or screen.

Yes life has been a bit of a DIY-Dramedy-AcMysterfan-Raventure (trying to do things myself, drama, comedy, mystery action and adventure). Yes, the past few months have had it all.  But mostly, it’s had the house.

Yes,, I am not sure if other first time home buyers wonder what they have gotten themselves into, but that is definitely the case here. There is the HVAC, the leaky roof, the closet shelves, the green pool, the bad toilet handle, the leaning dishwasher, the step, the ice maker attach-thingy (yes, that is the actual scientific name), the skylights…and I think that’s it. And there is me. And the boyfriend and my parents.

And everyone says that is just what it is like when you own your won home. I swear it should come with instructions. A warning label. Because even when you read all the books, articles, blogs and such…you are never really prepared for all that is owning your won first home. And all that is required.

My life is a series of sitcom moments as I try to get the dishwasher to stop leaning or re-attach the toilet handle that keeps falling off. Or the part of the roof that is leaking. Again.

And then I smile. Because all these little (or big) house issues are, at the very least, mine. Because it comes with owning your own home. And no matter what, I have a home. That is safe. That is secure. That is loving, and beautiful, and strange, and eclectic, and mine. A place to build memories and laughs, and moments, and tears, and smiles, and days and nights. A place to build a life.

And in the end, our lives are always a little “under construction” because we are never truly done. We should always be learning, living, doing, seeking, finding and experiencing. That is how we grow.

And at the end of this, I should have learned a great deal about home  improvements, with many clumsy sitcom moments and stories to tell. And I’ll have many repairmen on speed dial.



A Way to Give Back

I have always said that no matter what, you should always give back. No matter where we are, what we do, who we are or how much or how little we make, there is always a way to give back. I was raised with this belief and was surprised to hear it again at a formal holiday dinner party for a bank  worked for several years ago. I was surprised to it because of the man who was giving the speech at the dinner – no other than Jerry Springer. Yes THE Jerry Springer.

The bank headquarters were in Cincinnati, OH, where Springer was at one point the mayor and a practicing attorney before that. Then he was fired as mayor after the paid a “Lady” with a city check. I know that because he actually told the story right before he talked about why we should always give back.

This past week I helped a friend with an animal rescue fund raiser. Giving back and volunteering is often not very easy, and this was no exception. The fundraiser was an all night adopt-a-thon what started 5pm and went until 6pm the next day. We all arrived, got the animals situated, grilled hot dogs and then attempted to sleep. We had sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses in one of the temporary buildings set up around the event.

The next day was a brutal 97, hot and sunny. I think we all thought we might melt. But, we washed dogs to raise money, so we did get to cool off a bit.  It wasn’t glamorous, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t always fun. But it was for a good cause and a good friend.

The bottom line is  that there is always a way to help out, always a way to give back. And it doesn’t have to be a non profit agency. It can be helping out a neighbor by watching her kids while she goes on a job interview. Or encouraging someone who has had a bad day, making a cake and delivering it to someone who is sick, or who doesn’t get many visitors. It can be many things. Just give back and make a difference.