This Old House

Everyone has that one place for them that is safe, sacred, that is Peace. For me that is my home. In many ways it still has not sunk in that this beautiful place is mine. As I sat on the back porch this past weekend, enjoying the light evening air, hearing the crickets and frogs and leaves rustling in the breeze, I realized how peaceful my home could be. I love my porch time, my house time, my “Me” time. There have been many changes and life events over the past few years. Some have been good, some bad, some sad, some small, others life changing.

And I am making Peace with everything. In the end, life isn’t a popularity contest and doing the right thing often is not the most popular choice. If you have standards, mortals and character, you have to be OK with that. You have to be OK with being lonely sometimes. You have to be OK enough with yourself that you can sit alone on your porch, and enjoy the sights and sounds around.

It helps to be someplace you love. And I love my house, my home.

In the future, I hope my home to be a gathering place for friends and family. I want people to feel as welcome and peaceful as I do, sitting there on my porch, looking out at the yard, watching the birds and haring the crickets. My parents will soon be here, Dad getting further cancer treatment, Mom helping with planting the garden. Friends want to come by to see them again, or meet them for the first time. An invitation will be sent to my sister and her boys, that they are always welcome to visit Mom and Dad when when they stay here. And Peace will remain.

Do I regret any decisions that have been made? No. I do regret having to make them, and I regret that cost. But I can never regret standing up for what is right, I can never regret doing what needs to be done to have a healthy life.

And so I sit on my porch, quiet and still, listening to the life around me. Listening to God. Knowing in my heart, that life is about to burst open with more hope and promise than can be imagined. And it is at this house, on this porch, in this yard, that is all happens. Yes, I have found my home.