I am Ready

I am ready to remember winter and start spring, new like a green leaf on the tree outside my window. Ready for the yard to be green and the pool water to be blue, for sunscreen and tea, and lazy days on the deck. I want home to be home, happy and carefree, with music, food, wine and laughter.

I am ready for friendships and smiles, fresh air and long walks, midnight conversations, face to face rather than screen to screen. To exhale, and relax, work hard to play, rest and do it again the next day. I want to feel the sun on my face, the breeze on my skin with the windows down and the radio up. Walk barefoot through the grass, my car in the driveway, meet the neighbors and make new friends.
I am ready to be a part of a community, a group, to get to know, grow and share.

I am ready for first dates and kisses, movies and dinners. Ready to try again, blinders off and wade in. Ready for a hand to reach to and take mine, a door to be opened, and smiles given. Ready for p[picnics in the parks, concerts after dark, enjoying the festivals of the Spring and being treated like the lady I have come to be.

I have been dormant this winter, the soul freezing cold. Now it is time for the great thaw, to come alive again, so much to do, feel and hold. The harsh winter is over, finally, the seasons change and I want to embrace the newness of the new. I am ready to be given to, treated well and see the world with unspoiled eyes, optimistic of the future, shedding all the broken and leaving it behind.

I want margaritas on the patio, listening to that song I know, creating memories of this life, this moment in time. Ready to feel  my heart beat again, as life begins a new, ready to feel arms around my waist, and happiness.

I am ready to start my life, with hopefulness, carefulness, optimism and baited breath. I am Springtime ready.