My New Home!

When you buy a house, it needs to be a love affair. and I have loved this house form the moment I saw it. Today I bought it. It’s almost 3400 square feet, 4br, 3 baths, the all marble flooring  on the first, carpet for the 2nd story, and the master suite is AMAZING! Huge master bedroom that has a bay window over looking the mountains (so great view), a sitting room area (where all my workout equipment will go), a huge private screened in porch. It has a pool and hot tub. The master bath is all marble with a huge marble shower with a marble bench and sauna/steam room. It also has a jetted garden tub, sits on a half acre of land, and is close to a lake where I will be able to use the family boats.


And there have been so many who helped me; my parents, friends, real estate agent,  loan officer, and attorney attorney. It has been a group effort. And I owe many thanks to all of them because I could not have done it without them.

And there were some people who tried to stop me from being able to get this house.

It has been a very long, hard struggle, there have been many hurdles by people who resented my decision and ability to be successful and surpass them. But I do owe them a thank you. If they had not been such horrible, vindictive, petty classless people, then I would not have my house! I have a place to raise my children, to have my parents visit, a place to have friends over, throw a few parties, and maybe even fall in love. I am a very lucky girl, very blessed to have all those who stood beside me and helped me.

Lesson: Use the people has try to hold you back as stepping stones to raise above and accomplish your dreams. Never buy into to what they say about you. You just hold your head up high and keep moving forward. The people who are supposed to be I your life, will catch up. They should have known better than to try and beat me.

Now I have to go celebrate, with my friends, my family, all the wonderful people who helped me overcome and buy this house. There are so many, and so much love that is in my life. Life is good and I am happy.