The Walk in the Life

The universe is indifferent and even people who love us only love us with sobering intermittency. So look within and choose to direct yourself.

Over the weekend I took a hike. It was the first warm day of the spring, and I had to get out. All of the cold snowy weather, combined with the hotel has left me rather stir crazy. I went to my usual place and hiked. After a year of not working out, I really thought I might die going up those 600+ steps. But I did it, I beat those steps. And as I went back up the steps for a second round (because I am a glutton for punishment) I thought about how anything worth having, is worth working hard for.

And then I thought of all the accomplishments for which I have worked so hard…and accomplishments that many have worked hard for. And I thought of all the steps I had taken up and down those steps in order to get back into shape.

If you want to whip yourself into shape or renovate your apartment, don’t wait until you feel ready, because no such time will come. Instead, commit to doing something that you don’t want to do each day.

In the next week, much of what I have worked for will come to fruition. So much hard work, blood sweat and tears. And there have been plenty of people who have tried to stop me, tried to keep me from these dreams. Because they are jealous, because they are vindictive, because they are small and petty. But in less than a week, I will have accomplished so much.

But there is still so much more work to do. I will hike, write, work out, fix up and take care of what needs to be done. And no matter how much hard work is ahead, if I just do it anyway, success is not far away.

I was not ready for these things, I had no idea what to do, how to do them or even if I could. Then I took a leap of faith. And in taking that leap, I have discovered some amazing things about myself and others. Am I ready? Maybe. But life isn’t about waiting until you are ready, life is about faith and taking risks with love. Life is about living.

Change equals loss, but if you don’t have a series of things you’ve walked away from, you’re probably not leading a rich life.

And in accomplishing these dreams, I have had to walk away from quite a lot – quite a few people and friendships. And I wondered if it is normal to have to walk away from things when you choose to accomplish dreams? if this just part of life? And after speaking with those who had been successful in accomplishing their goals, I realized how much they had to walk from, in order to walk to something better.

Follow your dream,s and don’t worry about those you leave behind. If they are meant to be in your life, they will catch up. Don’t ever hold yourself back because of others. But be prepared, some may be jealous, vindictive and just plane nasty… some will do everything they can to stop you from succeeding, because then you will have surpassed them and what they are capable. Unfortunately I have seen that. Ignore them. They are of no consequence to you and your life. If anything use them as motivation…because truly the best revenge is simply living a great life.

Resourceful people are not having fun all of the time.

So work hard, play hard and succeed brilliantly so that dreams fall like rain. And I continue walking.


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