More Blessed Love

When it comes to past relationships, you never know how you may have affected another. I often write about past loves, especially the special ones. I am friends with most of my ex’s, all but two. Just because it didn’t work out between us, does not mean they are bad people. Just just means it didn’t work out. And I am blessed to have known some of the finest  men that are on this earth.

One of them is a good friend of mine still and read my laast post an another site – there are several places where I have my blog published.  What he wrote touched me deeply.

Wow!! Just Beautiful. I to have much of what you wrote in common with you and you are part of this as well. Not to get too personal but you my Dear Ada were a.. (And i know you do not use this word much) VERY Special Soul that walked through my world at one time and that shall remain with me for many Valentines days to come. So Ada my Friend ..I wish you a Most Special Happy Valentines Day!!!

YOU never know how you may affect another, even if it doesn’t work out. This man and I had a wonderful relationship that ended when I moved away for a job. Great for my career, bad the for relationship. he was, in a word, wonderful. He was the first to really teach me about romance, real romance. The kind where you dance in the kitchen to slow, sexy jazz. The kind where you talk all night and don;t want to close your eyes. The kind you would drive all night for, even if it was just to spend the day.  He played guitar for me, taught me about jazz music, about slow and sensual, about enjoying the moment, and turning the phone off.

We met through one of my best friends (who I have known for 30 years).  We both loved book stores. He carried my heavy coat all the way through the store, for hours that day, as we walked, talked and read books. I told my dreams to him, even when they sounded crazy, even to myself. He didn’t laugh at them at all. He never said they were silly or foolish or unreachable. he held me closer and whispered that he knew I could do them.

When I responded and told him how much he had meant to me too, that he would always be one of those special loves I was blessed to have in  my life he responded again:

Same here as well..A big Smile in my heart. One thing i have to tell you..I do admire you ..You followed with fearlessness just about every dream you spoke to me of back then . Leaving home to the Big City,traveling, acting and writing were all part of it and i say Yep ..That is a Strong Willed Woman..and you’ed have to be a damn fool not to admire that.

Those were all those dreams I whispered to him, in the sanctity of out space. Honestly, I was not always fearless in my pursuit of those dreams. I would get scared, frightened, discouraged. Because it’s hard to make your dreams come true…but the hard is what makes it great.

He is a wonderful man, and I was lucky to have met him, been a part of his world, shared his space. Yes, you never know the affect you have on others.

And it just reminds me of how much love I have, and have had, in my life. And how truly blessed I have been, and continue to be. Thank you, dear wonderful man, for reminding me of this. You are truly a treasure.