Believe in yourself. I Do.

We all have those wonderful friends, who know us completely, stick with us through thick and thin, and love us no matter what. My R is like that. We met at church camp when I was just 14. I was sitting with a group of kids I had just met. He walked in, saw me, made a bee-line to me, sat down and introduced himself. He has been  my best friend over since.

Through the years he has been my rock. No matter what, I know that My R is and always will be there. And tonight was no exception.

It’s been a rough week in my world – snowstorms, work deadlines, set back, set ups, stop and goes, broken words, disappointment. In the end,, it’s all going to work out, as it always does. But int he meantime, it’s been an uphill, both ways, barefoot in the snow, kind of week.

We all have those times, when we just sit and ask: Am I OK? Can I do this?

A phone call from my R and we are deep in conversation. I tell him about the goings on and tells me not to be stressed, because this is an adventure. And how lucky am I that I get to take this wild ride? I can make it anything that I want…the possibilities are endless. As we discuss the different adventures, I feel my shoulders start to relax for the first time in days.I don’t feel like crying, I am laughing and planning parts of the adventure.

And when we get off the phone, I smile. Someone, this person, so many miles away, my best friend for over 25 years, always knows what to say. Every time.

And I text him, how much his wonderful words mean to me, how  much better I feel after hearing what he says. I tell him how I think I do all of it. And his text, his simple text cuts through the miles …

Believe in yourself. I do.

And I started to cry. That’s the thing about those who love you, they believe in you. And that sums it up. That is what friendship, real friendship is.