Best. Birthday. Ever.

It’s a day to celebrate. A day that is just for you. It’s your birthday. And today was mine. And it was, without a doubt, the best. Birthday. Ever.

Today has been filled with friends, love, family, love, unexpected gifts, love, great food, love, wine, love, laughter, love and just more love than I can shake a stick at. (little southern saying). And, what made it the best, was that there was great news which to celebrate. 

As I look around tonight, I see that I am so beyond blessed. To have the people who are in my life. My life is completely and utterly saturated in…love. And love that crosses over state lines. The amount of friends that are scattered across the country, and the world, is wonderful.

And there are trips to see many on deck for the next 2 months – a trip to the beach, a trip to a friends house boat, travels to California and another trip For both my parents and I to Chicago. There will also be some travel  to smaller town in Illinois. My Father could not make the trip last time, due to his chemo. Healthy and ready to travel, it will be a fun trip for our close-knit family.

My sister and I are having a great time this weekend, as the celebration of my birthday month continues. But not too much will be able to top this day, these gifts, this amount of love, these answers to prayers…Yes, looking across the hourly table of this day, it has been the best one yet.


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