Creating a Family

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. The fact that women have the power to give life, to carry another human, another soul. That to me is the most amazing thing. That another soul will be inside me. It is the miracle of life. And it is truly the essence of being a. woman.

But there are so many things to do, to maintain, to check out, and to check into. I will be 41 soon, and while that is not too old to conceive a child, the older you are, the more difficult conceiving can be. SO they are test and conversations to have with doctors. Things that will up the chance of conceiving.

A friend asked me what I will do if I cannot conceive a child of my own? I smiled and said I would adopt. While I would love a child from my own, a healthy child is the most important thing of all. And honestly the idea of adopting is so much more scary than actually being pregnant. Maybe that sounds strange.

I have started to research the adoption process, both domestic and overseas.  It is quite expensive and expensive. All the paper work that goes into the application. All the investigations – they look into everything and many places will actually interview those people in your life. It is not just fill out some forms and choose a child.

Often times the investigations and background checks take a long time, and many times there is a waiting list to adopt a child, even if there are no complications.

And maybe, if I am lucky, I will be able to do both, adopt and conceive a child. There are so many wonderful children waiting to be adopted.  A girlfriend of mine is doing the exact some thing right now, and we will be able to raise our children together. They can be like sisters

In the end, we have to follow our hearts and our souls. We have to make the life we want.

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