The Calm in The Cold

baby_bootiesIt is the coldest time of year, the month of January. And with it being cold things slow down a bit. As the temperature dips down into the single digits, we stay in and wrap ourselves in the warmth of fuzzy blankets, warm pj’s hot teas and home cooked food. This is what I have been enjoying myself, and it is wonderful.

It has also given time to slow down and think about what I really want for the next year, and the coming years, what my goals are and how to achieve them. There are many wonderful things for which to be excited and many things need to be prepared – the book, love, travel, career, family…many decisions to make. And the ones I have already made I know are the right ones because they give me a sense of Peace and calm.

Like the decision to have a child.

What a wonderful, amazing, incredible and joyful decision to make. I have always known that I would be a mother. And when a child is planned, there is much to do and many decisions to make for that preparation. But it is without a doubt the most joyful planning that has been done. The planning goes from the very simple, like names  to the complex ins and outs of medical conditions. I have so much to do, to make this decision made out of love, come to fruition.

This is the best time in my life for many years. And I am the happiest I have been in many years, making more money than I have ever made, my career is better than it ever has been, my father’s health is finally on the mend and his liver cancer is better. There is love everywhere I look. And one thing that I have learned when I supported my sister and her family when they were out of work, is that I can support a family. If I can support 7 people, my child will not be an issue. Truly when you give to others, good things are returned 10 fold. For many years I was afraid to have a child, because what if I could not support my family in a worst case scenario? Now that fear is gone. Fear has been replaced by Peace.

To  have Peace, you must learn which storms and battles are yours to engage. And you must learn which things in life deserve our worry or concern. We learn when it’s time to step away and say that’s not my problem. We learn to set those proper boundaries, we learn to love ourselves enough to give ourselves the gift of Peace. I am planning for a child; that deserves my concern, time and planning. There is a new residence to decorate, that is worth  my time and planning. There is family to laugh with, friends to enjoy life with, a birthday to celebrate. So  much to celebrate. Those are all deserve my time and attention. Those are the important things.

And there is peace. That is the thing about winter, there is calm in the cold. Calm in my decisions and calm in my life. I have long said that which gives you peace will bring you happiness. And finally I am there. It is a new year, my 41st year, and we write our lives, our stories, our adventures. There is a stillness when the temperatures dip down so low. And if you listen closely, you can hear your inner voice telling you everything you need to know about how to be happy. Follow that voice. Follow that Peace. Follow the happiness. I’ll meet you there. 🙂

Life is beautiful.



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