The First Paid Gig

Photography is a hobby I have had for many years.  It started out one afternoon when I was bored and my parents had a new digital camera.  Pretty soon I was snapping away at flowers, bugs, cats, dogs, people…anything that I could snap. Pretty soon I was the family photographer, snapping away during holidays, anniversaries and family reunions.  Next to the cook, the photographer is the most loved, or hated, person in the room.

Photography has been a great hobby from which I have derived a great deal of enjoyment.

And then my employer needed some shots taken. And they decided I was the one to do. But I am not a professional, I told the. And they reassured me that they were not worried and knew I could do a great job.  I swallowed hard.  My first paying gig!  I wanted to do the happy dance, then it was promptly followed by the thought of “Oh crap, I hope I can do it.

When the time rolled around, the camera was in hand, tri-pod ready and I was feeling creative. The people I was shooting were a lot of fun and everyone had a good time.  And, the pictures turn out fine.

They will be delivered Monday on a disk.

So all that worry and anxiousness was for nothing. And isn;t that the was it is in life? We worry and are nervous…and everything turns out fine. The hard part is remembering that.


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