The Bliss of Fall

The air is crisp and cool. The leaves are amazing colors of red, gold and orange. Sweaters have been brought out. It’s getting dark earlier in the day. The smell of fireplaces is already in the air at night. Windows are opened and blankets are put on the bed for extra warm sleeping. And festivals are in full swing, celebrating everything Fall.

There is something magic about this time of year. The before-the-holidays, after-the-summer, time of the year. I am excited this Fall, of all the wonderful things going on in my life. All the exciting new, all the comforting old, all the long night conversations of now and firelight moments to come. There will be hand holding, Hot Toddies with friends and warm bowls of homemade chili.

This time of year for me is…delicious.

I am excited about life, love, work and friends. Love. Yes, I may be excited about this the most of all. Something I have not experienced in many years. It is beautiful, pure, This holiday season will be more joyful than many in the past.

Most mostly because, all because, my heart is full this Fall, that things are blissful.

And as the weather turns colder and as we gently transfer into the season of the holidays, I plan to enjoy every moment.