Hours in the Life

As I sit down mun my favorite chair in my home office, watching my favorite TV, Mom is downstairs cooking dinner for all of us, Dad is watching the news, my sister is on the computer in her room, and my nephew is studying in his room. Life in the house of Ada is a bit…normal. Everyone is busy, but we still make time to eat dinner together at the table, we still find time to talk over wine.

Yes where does the time go? I planned to write a post everyday, I was committed to it. And then…Life ate Time. Literally. I looked around and says have passed since i last posted a blog. friends and readers are emailing, texting and calling wanting to know where the post(s) about the Dalai Lama. What happened? I could write for days on that one topic, how it affected me and my thinking. It was truly an amazing and emotional experience.

And then there are so many other things to write about:

Picking pumpkins

carving pumpkins

taking walks and the importance of incorporating nature

Loving relationships

nurturing yourself.

Why tasking care of yourself is the kindness thing you can do for those you love

Adventures in-house cleaning

Getting back on the treadmill: riding on the back of a motorcycle

I want to write about wine tastings, being humble, falling in love, having a father on chemo for cancer, what it’s like to be a writer, how to start writing and have a career and so many more things.

And then I look around. And the kitchen needs to be cleaned, the floor needs vacuuming, my favorite show is on TV, I need to work out, Friends and family  are calling wanting to talk, I need to work, do laundry.

And yet with all of that, a smile is on my face. My heart is light and life is good.

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