Meeting the Dalai Lama

We all have those moments in life that are so incredible, we will always remember them. Meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama was one of those moments for me.

The Dalai Lama came to Atlanta, sponsored by Emory (great hospital where my father is being treat for liver cancer). You literally love this man from the moment he steps out on stage. He is so humble, kind and humorous, that you just adore him. He is not big, large and loud, but rather quiet and soft spoken. You have to tune everything out and listen to him. And somehow, even talking in a room full of thousands, he still draws you in with the kind of connection as if you were speaking one-on-one.

His talk was on the topic of Secular Ethics. He spoke of how the 21st century can be the Century of Compassion. He spoke of how those who grow up with abuse and cruelty grow up to not trust others. But how those who grow up in love and acceptance grow up to function in love and compassion. Therefore, it is more than our duty to have a loving home in which to raise a family, but our global responsibility. Because changing the world truly does start with oneself.

Happy people trust others. A happy, trustful person is more accepting and compassionate of those around them. And they talk to their follow human being. The only way to have love and compassion grow on a global scale, is for each one of us to talk to our fellow man, learn about them, appreciate them and see the beauty in them. If each one of use did that, the movement would spread so fast, It’s the 4 people know, then they tell four friends, then they tell four friends and so an and so on…before you know it, the whole world is in the middle of more compassion, tolerance and understanding that we ever thought possible.

Those who are unhappy are distrusting and keep others at a distance. Because of this they have less compassion for those around them. In this instance it is very easy for jealousy and resentment to grow. Bitterness and hatred. We see it all the time too. That is where the cycle of abuse comes in. That is how people become so bitter and hateful that they drive everyone away form them.

He also spoke of education, politics, Syria, Africa, Afghanistan. He spoke of other religion and faiths, races and beliefs. His was a wonderful message of which I could write about for days. I took a lot of nots because I just wanted to soak everything up and not forget a single word, a single second and single moment. I want to always remember the meaning of his message.

But the main highlight?  Getting to actually meet him, ask him a question…and he even hugged me!  Yes, I have been hugged by the Dalai Lama.

I could write for days on his message, taking each point and discussing it in detail.  And I no doubt will have many blog entries from his talk,But right now it is a beautiful Friday afternoon. And the sunshine is calling my name.

Burning at Both Ends

One thing about being so busy os to get every thing done, you must burn the candle at oth ends. Mixing business with pleasure, working late, aworking in spurts, in between house cleaning, phone conversations, dinner and wine, it is easy to have fun while working. Which is great for a wrter like me as I get boed easily.

And now as I would love to write somehting profound, as this has been an incredible week. Indeed, it has seen me meet the Dalai Lama and cry from the sheer beauty of life. The fact is that most of the catch up daily writing will have to be done this wekened, as thigns slow down from one of tghe best weeks in a long time.

So until then, it is burning joyfully at both ends.