The One Day Challenge

We all have those times, when life just explodes into a busy fireworks display.  We all have those times when we make all kinds of plans, then there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. That is what this past week has been like. It has been a wonderful array of friends, loved ones, family, fun, wine, sweet cool nights, time in a hot tub, laughter, smiles and so much more.

Work has been so very busy as deadlines draw closer. The weather is getting cooler and time is spent outside, on patios with wine. Time with family and friends, those visiting from far away. House cleaning, organizing, getting ready for family to come up and visit. Preparing for a family gatherin soon.

With all of this going on it has a  post once a day. So I am at least trying to post several at a time when I do have time to write and post.

The fact is that I am doing many things that scare me, I am growing every day, and so is my joy. And so busy getting things done, enjoying life, looking for ne places and enjoying everything life has to offer. And jus like the weather, it’s delicious.