Girls With Guns, Part V

Everyone has hobbies. One of mine is firearms training.  Aside from being a bad-ass kind of girl who knows how to handle a gun, it is just a lot of fun to do. Shooting truly is an art form as there are so many different techniques, stances, situations and such.

Last night I went out to the range with a good friend and accomplished instructor. We had a great time learning and teaching. I am very competitive and I don’t like not doing well. But it takes a lot of concentration to try different techniques, hold proper form, have speed and accuracy, and finding the balance between the two. Reaction time, how to carry a gun most effectively when not shooting, how to emotionally and mentally prepare yourself for a stressful situation if you ever have to actually use the gun (pray that never happens).

Last night I learned several things: That there is a balance between speed and accuracy, that it takes concentration to get out of bad habits, that I am better in some instances that I thought I would be, but still need work other areas as well. And that I shoot a 40 caliber almost better than my current 9mm.

My instructor also had me aim for the head more than the general center chest area. And I was surprised by how well I did, even from quite a distance away. And the next time I go to the range, I will be shooting an AR15, which will be much fun, total bad ass and Laura Croft-ish. And I may have to buy one of the shooting goes well.

And the best part? They have pink targets!


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