Gravity, the Universe and the Speed of Light

I am surrounded by geeks. And I love them. my nephew, my sister, my Dad, and most of my friends are total gooks. Which makes me a geek by association. Kind of. But not really. When it comes to the complex topics of Physics, computers, math and the time space continuum that many geeks discuss, I am like Tim on Home Improvement – I butcher things. My inept ability to understand then misquote geek-worthy topics is very entertaining to my friends.

I had quite a lively conversation last night, after watching and episode of the Big Bang Theory (a show that reminds me of many of my family members…even though my nephew hates it because he says they get any of the scientific facts wrong – he could be Sheldon). The conversation had to with the Big Bang, the speed of light, gravity and the size of the universe. Very deep; scientific topics for a simple writer like me. However, I think I came out the superior debater.

What my friend said was as follows {As written by him because I knew I would completely butcher it}:

The Universe is about 93 billion light years across. But it’s only about 14 billion years old. Einstein said that nothing can exceed the speed of light. If this were true then the Universe could not be more than about 28 billion light years across. And yet it is more than three times that distance from edge to edge. What does this mean? Well it means that Einstein was wrong. Everything is moving faster than the speed of light. And what’s more, Einstein knew he was wrong. He knew that gravity propagates instantaneously. That is, the speed of gravity is infinite. So it happens naturally (things going faster than light), all sorts of examples.

He tried to get out of this hole in his theory by proposing that mass made time-space curve. He claimed that we perceive this curvature as gravity. Complete sophistry. Space does not curve, and there is nothing magic about the speed of light. Except that it is fast. Really, really fast. So fast it is currently beyond our grasp. That is why it has been hard to disprove for so long. We all make mistakes. And he was totally right about E=MC2 So, he’ll always have that.

My Theory, as written by me:

{Disclaimer: The following theory of how I think the universe was created is a joke and not meant to be taken seriously. There is no actual scientific proof of my theory of how the universe was created, however if there were it would be called “the Universe According to Ada Theory” reading the following may cause extreme laughing, spitting out of drink or food from mouth due to extreme laughter, tears running down cheek, jealousy over my quick wit, sides hurting from laughter, difficulty breathing due to laughing os hard, extreme entertainment, a feeling of light headedness, a good mood, extreme happiness, a sense of well being and a craving of chocolate.}

Gravity is not instantaneous because it is in direct and separate proportion to mass. Therefore, the fact that gravity exists everywhere across the universe at the same time is only because of the mass attached to the gravity. You cannot have mass without gravity or gravity without mass. The two are not mutually exclusive.  What caused the big bang is that Schrödinger’s cat was put in a clear box, where you did not have to open it in order to determine if the cat was dead or alive. This caused a complete implosion followed by explosion of all matter known to the universe.

The end.


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