How to Enjoy Life

We all have those weekends, the ones we know will go down in our own personal history books as being wonderful. The weekends that make you so happy to be alive, to have the friends you have, to have the life you have and to be where you are. This weekend has been that for me. This has been one of the best weekends and a great way to continue to celebrate my birthday month (or year).

And this weekend started my thinking about how to really enjoy life. Not just exist, but how to really Live. There are some keys to enjoying life, some things that can be done to really help a life be well lived.

Slow down: Friday night was wonderful and decadent. What did I do? Absolutely nothing. I came home, took a nap and watched my favorite TV show Bones my DVR…in bed. I have never done that. Ever. Just been lazy. Usually I am busy doing, accomplishing, building, writing, reading, researching, cleaning, organizing. I have never just done nothing before, but watch TV on my bed. There was a time when I swore I would never have a TV in my bedroom. Now as a single woman, I love it. I even ate dinner in bed, wrapped up in my warm covers. I would never have had this wonderful night if I had not slowed down and taken the time to enjoy such a lazy evening.

Do Things you Enjoy: Saturday was going down to the Fabulous Fox Theater here in Atlanta. I got up early, got some coffee and sped down to the Box office to buy some tickets for a show later that day. The seats were amazing! Orchestra Pit, beanbag (yes, beanbag) chairs to see the Blue Man Group. If you have never seen this amazing group, it is an experience of music, lights, comedy, audience participation, toilet paper, Captain Crunch, big beach balls, lights and more. I have seen them twice before in Las Vegas, and loved them. So when I found out they were in Atlanta, I knew it would be fun. They did not disappoint. add to that the fact that i went with someone who had never seen them and whose company I enjoy. The lesson: Take time out, no matter how busy you are, to do things that you enjoy, with people you enjoy. Many good times will be had and memories made.

Sunday was lounging and spending time with someone whose company I enjoy as well. Good food, good wine, good laughs. THe lesson: Life it too short to be around people you don;t like or who make you feel bad. Spend time with those you love, who make you laugh, who make you feel good, who make you smile and laugh. Spend time with those who care and who care for you. This makes life so much better and more enjoyable.

Monday was spending time with a great friends and helping them out. We laughed, ate good pizza, laughed a lot and had a good time. I also ended up fostering two kitties. They are a bit Ferrel cats, so I will have to work with them to get them completely tame and able to be adopted out. The lesson: Help others and you will help yourself too.  No matter how bad you think you have it, you can always help someone else, even it it’s just being their for a friend after a bad day. Listen, be a good friend, support them, be excited about there triumphs and there for them in their defeats. Helping others enriches our own lives, because it deepens bonds and returns a sense of humanity.

This weekend, in addition to being a great one, taught me a lot about enjoying life, and really living. Bottom line, life is too short, so enjoy it every chance you get. Certainly there are many other ways to enjoy life, but these tips make a good start. Good luck, and live well.



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