New Possibilities

As this year comes to a close, excitement pushed through my veins faster than life. It is the excitement of all the possibilities the new year holds. The feeling, after a long year of family illness and death, can only be understood when one has walked these miles, down these roads, cried these tears and fought these battles.

It is the excitement of a blank page, knowing I am the author, and thus can write the life I want. The possibilities are endless. The newness of the upcoming yer feeling as brisk as morning dew, and just as fresh.

A great job, career, love, family, friends, victories…life.

A new year is coming…it’s distance cllosing in. I can almost hear the laughter and good times, almost feel it upon me, almost, like I breath on the back of your neck.

This is the time, this is the year, this is the life. It is mine and it is beautiful.


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