Day 16, 17 and 18

More thankful November days:

Day 16, my eyesight: I have very bad vision without my contacts, but with them I have better than 20/20 vision. So I am thankful for  my contacts and for my eyesight. I am thankful that I live in a time when contact lenses are a possibility.

Day 18, weather: I am thankful for beautiful weather. The weather with weekend has been wonderful, perfect for keeping the windows open in the house and letting fresh air inside while house cleaning. Hard to believe it is November with warmish/coolish sunny days. Perfect for curling up with a warm fuzzy blanket (which I am also very thankful for) and good books (again, for which I am thankful.

Day 19, contract and spell check: I am very thankful my contract has been extended. I love my job, I love where i work and they seem to love me too. I am also very thankful for spellcheck. Even though it might not seem like I use it much on this blog, I use it a great deal professionally. I am a great writer…not a great speller. And sometimes the thoughts pour out of me so fast that my hands cannot type the words fast enough and I have many typo’s. But that’s OK, you guts know what I mean.

I am also thankful for laughter and smiles. long sweet looks, slow kisses and good movies. I am thankful for long conversations, grilled cheese sandwiches, whispers and warm places.

I am thankful for Ranch Dressing, fried chicken and roller coasters. High heels, great boots and bathing suites. Glasses of wine, nail polish and earrings, hot chocolate, egg nog and Christmas trees. Nail clippers and cinnamon, and the smell of dinner cooking on the stove. Hugs, tissues, warm big sweaters and fuzzy socks, playing cards, chess and the Muppets.

Yes, this year I have so much for which to be thankful.

One thought on “Day 16, 17 and 18

  1. Hey Ada
    Here is a simple substitution that is both flavorful and healthful. Substitute the butter or margarine (eliminate margarine, it is worse for you than butter) for Olive oil in your grilled cheese or grilled ham and cheese sammies. Won second place in an olive oil cooking contest for that sub.

    Here is another great sub. Eliminate mayo. At a WHOPPING 100 cals per tbsp it is dietary suicide. Instead sub non fat sour cream or sour cream chip dip. You won’t taste the difference and it is a whole lot more healthful. In addition it is a great addition when you are going to be making deviled eggs and they will sit out for an extended period.l You can get a whopping case of food poisoning from spoiled mayonnaise but sour cream does not spoil that way.; Non fat sour cream comes in at a mere 10 cals per tbsp. You can make your own creamy salad dressing by adding onion powder and garlic powder and some finely chopped green onions. The average person uses 4tbsp of dressing. Compare 400 cals versus 40 cals for my recipe. Just thought I would help you to maintain your girlish figure.

    Blessings on you and your


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