Sandy Part II

Even though I am not there, and therefor truly have no idea what it is like, I still keep in touch with friends in the NYC and New Jersey area. Friends in Chelsea just got power, though friends in Staten island and part of Queen a re still without. Some friends in the Lower East side still are without as well. Some friends are staying with others on the Upper West side.

Many still do not have gas and several of my friends families are still dealing with their homes being flooded. 

While things are slowly back to normal in the area, lives are still wounded and will need time to heal. Traveling in the area is till a nightmare, though most are used to walking in the area. Gas is at a shortage so driving is not realistic. Subways are almost restored though.
It is still beyond surreal to know that places I worked, walked, ate, laughed at, drank at, visited, walked and lived are so damaged.  I walked those streets, at day and night. I broke my toe on one of the sidewalks, and hobbled around the village for miles on foot on the un even pavement. I ate at delis and shopped at in little shops, bought some of my favorite earrings right off of one little street in Chelsea. Went to a sushi making party in the village.  Have you ever eaten and watched a show at the Blue Note? Some of the best music by Grammy award winning artists in this little known but always packed place.
And the best places to by a hot dress or beautiful designer evening gown for a formal black tie event? I can’t tell you that secret in the blog, but email me if you want to know.  The best place to find discount on Versace? That’s in the fincial district, within ear shot of Ground Zero.I know where to get tickets to broadway shows at 1/4 of full price. I know where to get te best Italian in the city, the best pizza, the best club sandwich, the best margarita, teh best rooftop view.
Yes, I know that city. the ins and outs, the subways and the short cuts. The trains and the shops, the places to spend a few hours, where to hide and where to be seen. Where to get lost and where to never go.  Yes, I have walked those streets.
While I would never want to live there again unless very wealthy, I did enjoy my time in the city and the northeast. And it hurts the heart that it is wrecked as it is.



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