First Loves

We all have that first love. I saw mine today. He has known me since I was 12. We met at church were in a youth group together. He was my best friend all through high school.

When I got my first kiss (at almost 16!) he was the person I called.  For six years we went through hell and back together. Then we dated, or attempted to date, my senior year.  Then we didn’t speak for 8 years.

Then he tracked me down and left a strange message on my answering machine (I was pretty easy to find since I was on the radio). He came up to see me and we talked it all out. That was about 14 years ago. That day we talked a lifetime. We talked about life and divorces, love and us. It was great catching up and we were friends again.

And today was similiar. It was good to see my first love, to go down memory lane, to laugh and talked about the old gang. There was the time at Spook Bridge. And the book mobile. And then the car in the bushes. Rolling everyone’s house. There was truth or dare. There were the church lock ins and getting drunk on communion wine. There was the alarm at the house (and I have never seen anyone run that fast even to this day). There were miles traveled in those late night conversations. We talked of life, love, hell, heaven and God. We talked of life and dreams in those innocent days of our youth.

And in his smile I saw, still, my first love.  And it did my heart good today.

It was good to see him, have the years melt away. Old friends ground us and remond us not only of who we used to be, but of who we still are in many ways.  My first love, all grown up, as am I.  And then we go back to our lives, with a smile from memories past. It was a good walk.


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