New York City and Sandy

It is surreal seeing the images on TV, or seeing the pictures posted on Faebook from friends.  I used to live there.  I used to work in New York City every day. I used to walk those streets, see the people, ride the subway, est at the diners and delis, have a drink with friends at the bars.

And to see the devastation is just heartbreaking. It is hard to describe.

New York City just seemed so big and strong, even after 9/11. You just never think that anything can hurt New york. It’s like seeing someone that has always been steady, stable and strong, suddenly weak and sick.  It is shocking. And it hurts.  I see where I used to work, walk, eat and hang out, destroyed or damaged, or flooded. And I pray for  my friends and their families.

I have many friends in the area, and all of them are accounted for, though some of their family members are not, or some of them have been victims of the extreme destruction.  Power is out, many are running out of gas for generators. I heard, though I do not know for sure, that 70% of the refineries and pipelines are shut down.

But with all that, people are living, getting to work, surviving.  They are resilient and will be fine, though it is a rough time ahead. And that is one thing that I always loved about the people in New York, they get on with it already. They are strong, the have ingenuity, and they will survive and be fine, even if it is bad.  They will lean on each other, help each other and the city, as well as it’s people, will be OK. And they serve as an inspiration.

And such it is in life. When we go through hard times, we should lean on each other and just get on with it. We should have empathy for others and what they are going through, be kind and help when we can.


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