Camera Play

I want to take a camera class come the new year and am currently looking for classes to take.  I would love to be good enough to take pictures of people, wonderful candid shots of people in the middle of their life.  I love looking at photos like that, and want to be able to take them.  I would love to be talented enough to catch snap great photos that catch people in those wonderful candid moments. Pictures that tell a story about a day, a life, a person, a mood, a feeling. A photo that has soul and can convey that moment to the onlooker. 

One of the many things my friends and I like to do when we get together is take silly pictures.  We have all kinds of fun playing around with the camera, as we are all interested in photography on different levels.  So we laugh, drink wine, and take pictures of funny things, funny faces and such. (Sorry to bust all the male fantasies, but I have never in my life, all of my 39 years, ever had a pillow fight with my girlfriends in my underwear.  It just doesn’t happen.)

We were in a festive mood when we took these, playing around be fore heading out for dinner, dancing and flirting.


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