There has always been something almost magical baout the first cold day of winter. That first day where a heavy coat is needed and maybe even the heat needs to be turned on (though I am trying to put that off as long as possible). Today was that day. Maybe it seems magic because you can actually feel the change of seasons, it is no longer something about which you hear whispered about in the leaves of the trees. It is tangible.

And so it is, the taste of the first cold day. And it is rather exhilerating. The cool air hitting my face this windy morning reminded me to zip my coat. It was refreshing and freeing after such a long hot summer.

And I look forward as to what this winter has to offer. I do wish I had a real log fireplace, not a fake gas one. There is something so wonderful about listening to the crackle of a read wood log.

I look forward to cozy nights in a soft blanket, movies on the couch, crocheting hand made treasures for my friends and loved ones. Cooking for those I love too and having a warm harth full of Peace this winter.

And I am well on my way.


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