The Church Sermon

I went to the early service today at church and the sermon was on faith. Having the faith to voice what you want, then trusting in God’s Will to bring it to you. The sermon really hit home for me.  I am a happy person, and I have a great life. I am and have been truly blessed, but I still need and want.

I love my life. I love my job and career, love my friends and wonderful family.  I love where I live even.  The only thing I want that I don’t have is a partner. These past six months have been rough, and someone to share the good and wonderful things would be..wonderful. So this is what I need and want:

I want, first and foremost a friend. Slow and steady. Someone who will understand that it has been a rough time, and will not mind taking his time with me.  It won’t take long for me to get my emotional feet under me, but patience is still needed. Someone who won’t rush things. Someone to watch movies on the couch with, have long talks with, someone to with  which to grow and get to know. Someone who is steady and stable, who won’t be looking to date every girl around or party. Someone who enjoys laughing. A homebody like me, who wants a deep slow connection. That slow burn. That is what I want and need.

I have control over everything else in my life. This is the one thing I cannot control; this one I have to give to Faith. So, I give it up, and give it to God. And I have hope and faith.

My life is very good. I am very blessed to see the miracles I have seen. And there is no reason why my life cannot be a miracle too.


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