Taking Care of Me

And here it is Sunday, rainy, cold and grey. And it is in this day that I am taking care of myself, what I need, first. I am taking time for me. And so it starts, here now. My needs, wants and desires are firmly placed where they need to be.

And in this, there will be calm and Peace.

You must be selfish enough to make sure you are OK, first. You must take care of your needs first. Especially when you have been stressed or have had a life changing event. You must take the time to be still. To “sit down a minute,” as my friends would say. And you must do this in order to be able to be able to take care of your self in a relationship, so you don’t loose yourself.

And so it is that I edit my book to be finished by or before the end of the year. It is that I write new pieces. It is that I watch movies (like Spanglish), it is that I knit, take long bubble baths and just be. And take care of me. It won’t be long, once I still still. It is that I spend time on my couch, wrapped up in warm blankets of wonderful coziness. It is the I revel in the fact of  being a girl, painting my nails. And it is that I find Peace.


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