Guilty Pleasures

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  ― Rumi
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there. ― Rumi
“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.” ― Rumi
“Sit, be still, and listen,
because you’re drunk
and we’re at
the edge of the roof.” ― Rumi
We all have them. We all love them. and some of us even hide them and keep them secret.  They are guilty pleasures…those things you shouldn’t enjoy, but you just do anyway.  I have lots of them. And it is time that I come clean about them.  So, here are my guilty pleasures…
Apt. 23: I believe to entire title for this wonderful (terrible) TV show is Don’t Trust the B- in Apt 23. It’s raunchy, disrespectful, terrible characters. And I love it.  I watched it for the first time on Hulu at an ex boyfriends house while he worked…and I have been hooked ever since.  It’s a terrible, delicious show.
Oreo’s: I know what you are thinking, everyone loves Oreo’s. True. but I LOVE oreo’s. as in, if I have them they are all I will eat until they are gone. I mean it. If I have a bag (or two) that’s it, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. And yes, i do have a lot of willpower…which is why I pass them up at the grocery store. I try never to have them in my house.
Singing in the Car: I have a wonderful voice, and I sing in the car very loudly. And I love it. I am sure I have entertained most of Atlanta as I sing at the top of my lungs to Katy Perry, Bon Jovi, Adele…it really doesn’t matter what song or artist. I am singing it. And when the weather is nice, I sing with the windows down. And no, I don’t care.
Black and White Movies: Yes, i am a romantic sap. Which is why if there is a black and white movie on AMC or any other channel, I will watch it. The men were really men back then, the women were feminine and beautiful, the cinematography wonderful and the stories real. And I think the acting was much better back then too. Give me some pop corn, a blanket and a couch with that old black and white movie, and I am a very happy girl.
Girly Things:  Maybe not a guilty plpeasure…except that I enjoy doing girly things So much that maybe it should be. I mean I love to have my finger nails and toe nails panted. (oh, and to have a man paint my toenails?  I will melt). I love wearing lacy panties, fixing my hair, putting on make up, wearing great shoes.  I love being curvy, I just love being a girl.
Shoes:  Especially stilettos.  I LOVE wearing stilettos.  It’s a guilty pleasure when I think about how much money I spend on them.  But they make me so very happy. And they are girly. so double points.
Long, Hot Bubble Baths:  Because they are girly, they help me relax and they make my skin super soft. Oooooooh yes!
Sex With My Boyfriend: When I have a wonderful boyfriend (currently accepting applications), I love this part of the relationship.  I love wearing little skimpy things around him, or even his t-shirt. I love cleaning his house or cooking while flitting around wearing some little frilly thing, tempting him with my legs, breasts, shoulders, neck…etc. Nothing is better than being a woman making your man feel great. And nothing is better than a man who can make you thankful you are a woman, leaving you a weak-legged, giggly hot mess. And it makes both of us feel good. (secret: One day, I hope to be able to say, just for the fun of it “Honey, in the next 20 years, let’s try to have sex at least once in every state.” Seriously, that would be a fun and romantic thing to do).
Celebrity Gossip: OK, I admit it!  I love the fact the Jennifer Aniston has a HUGE engagement ring that is bigger than Angelina’s. I love that Jessica Beil wore a pink wedding dress. I love that Adele doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and think that Kety Perry is nuts for dating John Mayer. Yes, celebrity gossip is just fun. These are people I don’t know, will never meet and don’t really care about…except it’s just a fun escape from reality. Except for the Kardasions. I really don’t like them.
Loud Music: Maybe it’s left over from my days being in radio…but I love to listen to music REALLY loud. Turn it up to 11…
Wine and Chocolate: One can never have enough, especially together.
Rumi Quotes: I love this writer. He wrote beautiful, wise, romantic and often funny things.  I sometimes will just go through websites reading hid quotes, They inspire me.
And there you have it, my list of deliciously evil guilty pleasures. OK, have to go…for some reason I am craving Oreos.
“This being human is a guest house. Every morning is a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor…Welcome and entertain them all. Treat each guest honorably. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”



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