Chicago Bound Baby!

We all have friends in other cities that we swear we will visit, eventually. When we get the time, when work slows down, when money is better, when this or that project is done, when {insert reason here}. We can end up when-ing ourselves right out of seeing our friends, making memories and living a well lived and loved life.

So when one of my best friends got a contract in Chicago and invited me to come up, how could I say no? I love Chicago. I have not been to the Windy City since 2003, almost ten years. No doubt I will have even more fun now than I did then. It is just a fun city, though it will be cold. The people are laid back, the city has a great vibe and the food? Incredible!  Not even New York City can compete when it comes to Italian food (my favorite).

And let’s not forget about the shopping? Let’s just say I will be having food-gasms and shop-gasms the entire time I am there.The best, most fabulous, hottest pair of boots I have ever owned, I bough in Chicago. Unfortunately I had to throw them away a year later when I got sprayed by a skunk while wearing them (Very. Long. Story. ) I have been wanting to go back and buy another super hot pair of boots ever since. This may be my chance. And Christmas is coming, this trip may prove to be a great chance to buy some early gifts.

The only reason why I will not need my fat-pants, is that you walk when in Chicago, very much like when you are in NYC. You walk, and walk, and walk, and walk.  Which is actually good considering how good the food is in that city.

The best part is that I will be with some of my best friends, Scott and Susan. They actually own the town home where I live. Susan is my sister from another mother and her boyfriend Scott is like my big brother.  Literally – he is 6’2″. When they lived in Atlanta, I would bring all my dates over to meet them. Susan would check them out and Scott would be the great big brother and scare the crap out of any man who might even Think of hurting  me. I miss them.

And they have the best love story of anyone I know, besides my parents.  Speaking of my parents, my family adopted S&S (as we call them). Susan’s birthday is Christmas, so she would always come home with me for the holidays. Scott was the only man Mom would let near her grill.

So a weekend spent in the windy city with my best friends. There will be much shopping, laughing, eating, drinking, shopping, mischief, debauchery and happy, wonderful memories with my dear friends.

Susan, Me, and Scott. My Brotha & Sista from anotha motha 🙂

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