Good Reads

One of the things I have wanted to do is join the website Good Reads. I am a writer and also a reader (thought I have not doen as much reading as I would like this past year). I am hoping being on this website helps motivate me to read more. I also think it would be good for me to sit still for a while.  I love to read, but sometimes it can be hard to sit still that long, expecailly when the weather is so nice. I want to be outside, out in the country, out in nature.

But the winter is coming, and what better time than to get involved in reading again? I have not had enough time to really search and look around the site, but it seems to be social-ish. You have followers and friends (I think), and you review books and each others books?  I clicked Ok when it asked to search friends on my Gmail list, but clicked out and got an error, so who knows if I actually know anyone on the site.

For someone who is very web savvy, I have to admit I am clumsy when fist getting to know an interactive website. It takes me a little bit. Maybe that’s true in life as well.  We are all just trying to do the best we can with what we have at the time.  Even when we make stupid decision s and  stupid mistakes (I have made MANY), for most people it is never to intentionally hurt anyone.

So this may be the perfect time to settle in and settle down for a winter of reading, writing, baking and knitting. Winter is the time for hybernation and it’s a great opportunity to make my life and home exactly what I want come Spring. This week is going to be great weather, great for picking that pumpkin and making a jack-o-lantern, great for talking with friends, having wine, catching up, organizing my house, and lots of laughter. And I have a lot of house projects to try to do and figure out; the Garage door thingy, the treadmill being moved, the dartboard…

And great for enjoying time outside before the cold of the winter sets in. I may go back up to Amicalola Falls this weekend to hike more, probably for the last time before it gets too cold. I may do some last things to the garden to prepare it for winter. I may actually clean out my garage too.

Life is good, and getting better every day. One baby step at a time.

And it all started with a few good reads, as I set my hopes for winter.



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