A Little Night Music

Tonight when I got home from dinner, I did something that I have not done in a little over a year. I took a walk around my neighborhood at night.  It is a a beautiful and great night for a walk after dark.I forgot how much I liked slowly walking through this little subdivision. Looking at all the town homes, enjoying the quiet night air, the sound of the crickets (there is a wooded lot next to where I live, so I get the hear crickets).

It was calming to take this little walk.  I love to go hiking, be in the woods with nature. But walking around my neighborhood tonight was a wonderful treat. And as I walked around my little world, my mind wondered. I reflected on this past week, my Dad’s health, another promotion and what I want for the rest of the year…

I want the last two months of the year will be fantastic. I want to search for the perfect pumpkin, make pumpkin pie for the first time and make a jack-o-lantern.  I want to hike, drink hot chocolate and enjoy Halloween. I want to reconnect with friends, make new friends and laugh until tears come down my cheeks.  I want to paint my nails, be a girly girl, and dress up, for no reason. I want to sleep late, and enjoy a rainy Sunday morning the way it should be enjoyed. I want to cook breakfast together and sit by the fire.

I want to make great memories with great people. I want this winter to be a happy one. And I have a great life.  I have a great job that I love, a great family, wonderful friends and a great future. I know and believe, that all will be OK.  IT’s been a rough year, but I get to decide how it is going to end. And I think about what I want to for new year coming up.

All my hopes and dreams for my life and love can materialize, if I work hard. And this is the year that my personal life and professional life will be great. But I must clean house first, and get rid of that which does not serve me, to make room for the wonderful things to come. I am ready to say goodbye to 2012, and all that came with it.

Baby steps. Slow and steady. Patience, Grace, compassion, understanding, kindness.

I have worked very hard this year, now it is time to enjoy all the work, blood, sweat and tears that I have put in. It is time to get back to me, and what makes me happy. It is time to be free.

And as I round the corner and see my own little home, I know all is, and will be well. There is Peace the decisions I have made. And there is happiness waiting for me now. It is so close, I can reach out and touch it. I will have a life full of love, laughter, kisses, snuggles, friendship and more.

Times of transition are many times very difficult and scary, but yet they should not be, because they are also times of growth and discovery. And I have discovered much.  And finally, as all of this has poured out of me, I can be still and let that stillness wash over me, my soul, my self, and be renewed.

Time. All it takes is time.



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