Waking Up With New Chances and Possibilities

The way you start a morning I think sets the tone for a day. The last few days I have been waking up to the sounds of Norah Jones.  I used to wake up the the sound of my alarm clock, and hit snooze for 30-60 minues. Now, I listen to the album for an hour, gently drifting in and out of sleep.  When I wake up I am more relaxed for the day.

Each day is a fresh start with new possibilities and chances. It is never too late to change you circumstances or life. It is never too late to have the life you want or dreamed of.

Last night I drifted off sleep in peaceful slumber, the window open, extra blankets on the bed, my two cats snuggled up next to me and purring. I slept deep and well. This morning I woke up feeling good, hopeful and upbeat.

A few weeks ago, after a particularly rough incident, I decided that I was going to have a great, wonderful, rest of the year. And that is a promise I am going to keep to myself. The break-up should not impact that decision. My life and happiness, or great rest of the year, is not dependant on him. And that is how it should be.

So I looked back at what I decided that I wanted for the rest of the year. And I can still have all of those things, even it is is not with him. So what do I want for this wonderful winter?

I want laughter and love, kindness, candles, wine, roses, great weeekends and friends. I want kisses in the rain, kisses in the snow, kisses at sunset. I want to sit and have conversations by the fire, warm and toasty. I want to cook for those who love it eat, I want to bake and have freinds over to enjoy warm, yummy goodies, and the house smelling like everything magic that can come out of an oven. I want  to snuggle under a warm blanket and watch old movies. I want to knit, with little old ladies, sing in the shower (because I really do have a good voice). I want to relax, to not have to worry.

And I want someone to spoil me. I don’t mean spend a lot of money, I mean woo me, treat me like I am wonderful, cherish me, make me laugh, make me smile, want to spend time with me, hold my hand, slow dance with me in the living room. Spend time with me jut hangin out, doing nothing. Dressed in bed clothes, watching old movies, wrapped up in a blanket, eating home made things. Someone stroking my hair, touching my face.

And most important – I want stability. Whatever, and whoever, comes into my life must be stable, dependable and have integrity. Too much has happeend this past year and I am too weary to deal with bad drama or stress. I need Peace. What brings you Peace will bring you happiness.  Thats’ what I want.


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