Garage Doors, Toilets and Garbage Disposals, Oh My!

I do believe my townhouse is revolting against me. Or maybe there are gremlins that run around at night tearing things up. Or maybe my it’s my cats. Within days my garage door, a toilet and my garbage disposal have all started giving me problems. Tonight when I ran out to pick up my mail at the post office, the garage door barely opened, a piece of it actually fell on my car, then it got stuck in the open position.  I am sure my neighbors thought it was a strange sight to see me standing on top of my car, trying to reach high up to pull the string that the last person pulled to fix it.  It worked…now if I can only figure out where that piece came from that fell on my car.

The toilet started running when a friend of mine came over. It ran and ran and ran. It’s still running. Maybe it is training for a marathon? I jiggled the handle, took the top off, poked a few things inside. Nope. Still running.

Next up was the garbage disposal. I was cleaning the messy kitchen when I flipped it on…except there was nothing but this sick sound coming from it. It was trying to run…it was vibrating even. But nothing. So, I turned it off, stuck my hand down in there (YUCK!) felt around…nothing. Turned it on again, and…nothing but that sound. Then I tried my fix-it-every-time-move-with-the-broom-handle. And…nothing. I even opened the cabinet under the sink and looked at it…then kicked it. And still nothing.

When I lived in the House of Horrors, I had a handy man. He was great. He would show up when ever I needed him and fix what ever was broken. But he came with his own bottles of Jager…and he was over fixing things so much that he actually kept a few bottles in the fridge. But he could fix anything, as long as he was drinking.

I love being a girl. It is wonderful. But there are two times I would like to be a man – 1. I would love to be able to pee standing up and  2. when things break. Men just seem to be programmed to be able to repair whatever home problem may be going on. It must be in the genes – if you have a penis, you can fix what breaks. With as clumsy as I am, being able to fix broken things would practically make me a super hero (at least in my mind).

My life is a sitcom. So, email me if you know a good handyman…


Now that Fall is officially here, I am a happy girl.  It has been such a hot summer, and finally (finally!) it is cooler. And as I get ready to go to bed, I turn the air conditioner and open the windows.  It is cool outside and I can get a wonderful cross breeze in the bedroom.

Clean sheets on the bed with just an extra touch of fabric softener. An extra blanket on the bed. Two cats. It’s in the 40’s here tonight and it’s delicious…I nuzzle down into the covers, nice and cozy. There isn’t too much better than a cozy Sunday night with the window open.

Well, being all cozy by the fire this winter might be better. And I cannot wait for it to get cold this year. I cannot wait to feel the crisp air on my skin, to breathe the cool air, to wear my wonderful favorite sexy winter boots. It’s just about time to pull them out, and I have several pair (part of the wonderful-ness of being a girl).

I cannot wait to be kissed on the first REALLY cold day. And I have never been kissed in the snow (and I do hope it snows this year). I have always said that being kissed in the rain is best, but I may change my mind after being kissed in the snow. And I want to make snow angels, snow men and have a snow ball fight this winter as well.

My favorite cozy sweaters, hot tea, great coats, sexy boots, my favorite fall and winter dresses, and more. My kitchen filled with hot yummy smells of home cooking, hot chocolate, and good books.

Yes, there is much promise in the air for this winter. As the seasons change, there are new opportunities in the air as well. It is a hopeful time of year for me, a time that I can finally relax and let go, a time where I can smile freely. Yes, this winter is my winter, for memories, for building a life, for love of all kinds, for friends and family, for happiness.

And it all starts with an open window this Sunday night.


3 thoughts on “Garage Doors, Toilets and Garbage Disposals, Oh My!

  1. Hey Ada
    The garbage disposal is toast and needs to be replaced with a quality one not the builder grade that they installed. Probably the same for your garage door opener. I am a great handyman but it is still a little too far to come from Midway to Atlanta, about 4 hours. Men are not naturally programmed to fix things. I used to make a good living because the man of the house was incapable of fixing things. But men are more programmed than women.
    Blessings on you and yours


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