Back to Life

We all have those things and times in life where our concentrated effort must go to other things, then when energy and time is free again life opens up with new possibilities.

And it is with this new hope that I take a breath, long, drawn out, close my eyes. Slowly inhale…hold for just a few seconds…slowly exhale.

And get ready for all the possibilities waiting for me and I get back to my life. The past year seems to have had a giant Pause button on life. Not that I have not accomplished a lot, or had a lot to deal with – a better job, lots of freelance work, almost completed my book, have auditions coming in, read several books, helped with my father, taken several trips and lived in a lot of love. And dealt with legal issues and won.

Now, it is time to get back to the rest of my life. Enjoying time with  my wonderful Dad. Being a great aunt to my nephews and a good sister to my sister. Spending time with friends, catching up over long talks. walks and laughter.

And love, it is time to get back to love, holding hands and gooey looks at each other.

It is time to celebrate fall and the cool weather, and enjoy the first chilly night where you need a sweater.

Time to get back to loving my job and being the best writer I can be with out distractions.

And I want to have that nice, wonderful quiet life…with some great adventures. Travel, long weekends, snuggling by a fire, lots of friends and celebrating being settled in life.

And being the girl. Painting my nails, fixing my hair, wearing lacy things and just being held. For a really long time. Feeling safe and sound. Because I am a girl.

Yes it is time to breath and get back to life.


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