A Happy Summer

It is summer. The air is warm, well hot actually. There are summer tunes heard playing on radios, the malls are full of kids who are playing in the public “spray” areas where they get to run through streams of cold water and scream and giggle with delight.  The music of ice cream trucks can be heard in almost every neighborhood as the temperatures reach triple digits and everyone is wearing shorts and cool t-shirts.

The days are lazy yet simultaneously filled with activities as vacations are planned, while others enjoy lazy afternoons reading by the pool or relaxing in a soft chair indoors. Fabrics are light and cool, calls are missed as phones are left behind for boat rides and dips in the ocean. Laptops are left on desks as days are longer and friends linger on patios, laughing over wine, sweet memories and long stories.

And I think of my own life, and how for I have come since just the beginning of the year, and the beginning of last month even. And how, in the slow march of time that zips by at the speed of life, I have changed and grown in my own skin. I think of my friends, those who are far and close, and of my favorite memories. Think of my family, and how dear we are to each other. I think of the man in my life, and how sweet it is to enjoy being the girl and getting to know someone. And the sweet taste of salty summer kisses.

Life is not perfect. My house is a bit messy, with clothes from the weekend still not folded or put away. I am still 10 pounds (ok, maybe 15) away from my ideal weight. I still have a creepy ex, and I still have not won the lottery. But it is summer. And I am happy, giddy even, about my life and this season of love and warmth. And that is perfect enough for me.


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