A Great Weekend Ahead

It is summer and that means long days by the pool, sleeping late, Bar B Q’s and tan lines. If you are out for the summer that is.  If you are among the working, as I am, summer relaxation and fun is often restricted to the weekends. Maybe that is why I am so looking forward to this weekend. Or maybe it is spending it with the man I am dating that has me so excited.

In addition to romance, the weekend will have old friends, laughter, great food, and lots of adventure. Old friends are coming into town and though I may not see a lot of them, no doubt the time spent with them will be wonderful. The only problem? That the weekend is too short and I will not want to come back to reality after two days.

But for two days I am free falling –  in love, in laughter, in friendship and in the sweet mushy wonderfulness of life. And nothing can rain on my parade, take away my peace or contentment, the glow in my eyes or the smile on  my face. Indeed, my life is adrift in candy wrapper sweetness and the arms of a true man, courtesy of Rex, who introduced us (who I hope will guest blog again soon).

Yes life is good and I am happy.


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